About Us

About Us



We sons of Mrs. & Mr. Francis started our journey in the color lab industry in 1979. Our passion towards this industry, made us to start our first color lab in Trivanduram in 1983, which was the ever first color lab in Kerala with durst color photo printing machine directly imported from UK. Since then our journey in this industry has been wide, we established our reach across all major cities of Kerala and Tamilnadu with the latest technology of machinery.



The slowness of a silver halide printing system made us search for new technology as a replacement for the developing photo industry.

Our search for high quality photo printing ended with HP-Indigo machines, HP-Indigo 7500, HP-Indigo 5500 and HP-Indigo 5600

All the above models with us are equipped with true color(more color gamut)Digital Press Printing Technology.

In order to provide variants to our customers we use Fujifilm Acuity Advance Select and SCODIX machines and also Canon DreamLabo 5000 as a grand entrant in the family.

Still our urge in this industry for new high quality technology continues.



Our passion to serve the industry with quality and quick service made us keep updating the technology with all leading imported machines in the industry start form durst, liberty, photophone, Konica-602, Konica-808, Noritsu 1201, Noritsu 1923, Noritsu 2301, Noritsu 2600, Fuji pp141, Noritsu 2701, sienna, net printer, Noritsu 3001, Kokak picture maker, Konica R2 super, Noritsu 3201, Noritsu 3301, Noritsu 3311, Fuji 570, Noritsu 3701, Noritsu 3701-hd, Epson 44.



We are committed towards quality and quick service by having direct interaction with the customers to fulfill their needs in prompt time. Our brand PHOTOPARK stands for “Symbol of Quality” which has helped us to serve more than 25% of the photo industry requirement directly and indirectly in Tamilnadu and Kerala. With the new technology growth, we have started to serve the international market too.Now with HP-indigo technology we have extended our service in the printing press industry with a real color printing solution, which is an all-new redefinition for offset printing solution.



  • Digital Photography

    Your camera captured images stored ,ready for further digital processing , publishing and printing

  • Digital Offset Printing

    The traditional offset method of digital printing for high quantity with higher quality at offset price.

  • Print On Any Surface

    With the technological advancement available today we give you the latest printing possibility on any surface literally.

  • Design Solutions

    Graphic Designing Solutions for all types of print work.